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How to make the most out of this lockdown?

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As the world finds itself standing face to face with the COVID-19 pandemic and most countries having announced a lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, a blanket of fear, uncertainty and loss of control has seemed to inevitably envelope our entire existence. In the midst of all the chaos however, there is a silver lining which we all must look towards, and that my friends is to  make the most of this lockdown. Now, before you click away in frustration, let us plant a small idea in your mind…one small idea that can cause you to change your perspective about the entire global scenario and turn your frown into a proud grin. The idea is simple, use this time to cultivate empowering habits that will not only last till the lockdown does, but will continue to aid you throughout your life. Think about it, with this  sudden surge in free time, we could all get rid of at least one nasty habit and replace it with a new one or get back to rediscovering abandoned hobbies or passions, there has never been a better time to change than now, so why not just jump into it!

Here are a few habits that we must totally adopt during this time:

  1. Maintain proper hygiene and practice social distancing:

Ensure that you wash your hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub a.k.a hand sanitizers. Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue every time you cough or sneeze and avoid social gatherings like the plague! Kindly stay indoors, this temporary restriction of freedom in essence, is your contribution towards saving the world.

  1. Take charge of your body:

Irrespective of what shape, size, colour or gender you are, use this time to truly assess your level of physical health, which is an umbrella term used for both- Diet as well as exercise. Ghar ka khaana for us Indians is the ultimate immune boosting diet that exists. Load up on citrus fruits and vegetables; add a few nuts and spices like Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic and Cinnamon to your meals.

There are a variety of indoor exercises which can be chosen based on your preference and level of fitness such as Jump Rope, simple yogic asanas, basic body weight exercises, Dancing, YouTube workouts, and with all domestic helpers on leave, cleaning!  Simple body stretches will also go a long way and energise your fatigued body. Move your body for at least half an hour everyday and do it consistently.

  1. Show yourself some love:

Indulge in some self-care which starts with taking care of your mind first. Meditate for a few minutes right after you wake up to cleanse your mind of all the fear and negativity and watch yourself calmly sail though the day. Make a face pack using ingredients at home, or ask one of your family members to give you a relaxing “champi” (the ultimate Indian head massage). This is also a great time to practice introspection and review any kind of life decision without inviting a panic attack.

  1. Skill up or bring abandoned interests and hobbies back to life:

Almost any kind of skill can be learned pretty quickly considering the innumerable options available on the internet. There exist great platforms and learning websites that teach you courses such as Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera etc. Try to head back out into the world with skill-sets that may actually serve you in the future, post-lockdown. Now is also the time to develop new hobbies or bring the old ones back to life. Don’t let that guitar that you brought a few years ago gather dust in your closet…or just read some untouched books lying around in your book shelf.

  1. Make memories:

Whether you realise it or not, this is actually a great time to spend time with family and make lovely memories. Cook together, play antakshari or relive your childhood by playing Uno, Ludo or any other board game that must be lying in some corner of the house. If you’re particularly lazy and are binge-watching movies on Netflix, include your family and watch the fun.

  1. Create a wish list:

Write down everything that you’d want to do once the lockdown is lifted. Create a bucket list, or a wish list which can include anything from taking your aged grandmother for a walk in the park to just going to your favourite eating joint to catch up with friends or finally making the decision to quit your dead-end job.

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