India – a great view with a suitable destination for all sport-oriented activities

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India, as a country and a people have always been hugely interested in the concept of playing a variety of sports. Our extensively large country is filled with a plethora of facilities that have been established to ensure growth in this realm, as well as tourism. Cricket has been the nation’s most played sport for more than half a century now. As a result of which, there exists an extremely professional youth system to ensure the development of great talent. Football is rapidly growing, more so in the metropolitan cities, as we have observed a major influx of new indoor turfs all around India. This has generated a lot of interest amongst the local talents.

                                     Sports like tennis, squash, surfing, skiing and golf have attracted our attention. There are a number of extremely talented youth tennis, squash and golf players in this country. The facilities have aided them in their pursuits. Surfing has grown in interest in the last couple years. Many come from all over the world to catch the waves on our coastlines. Since India is a peninsular country, we have some of the longest coastlines and beaches in the world and our surrounded by two beautiful islands that truly complement the desire to surf. From covelong point in Chennai and Kovalam and Varkala in Kerala, to the Andamans and the beaches in Goa, India offers a great many options to satiate our desire to surf. India has a number of hills in the north where skiing is quite possible, provided it’s the right season. Two famously ventured spots are Auli in the lower Himalayas and Manali in Himachal Pradesh. These destinations attract thousands of visiting tourists all through the year, from all over the world. With golf, your curiosity for different kinds of golf courses will never end. There is an abundance of golf courses scattered all over the country. From Kodaikanal, the Nilgiris, Goa and Bangalore in the south to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and parts of the eastern states in the north, there are a large number of long lasting courses and ranges surrounded by beautiful lands and greenery.

India is also known for it’s regions that host a variety of adventure and extreme sports. From skiing in Kashmir, river rafting in Himachal, mountaineering in the greater Himalayas and trekking in Arunachal and Nagaland to scuba diving in Andaman, flying fox in Kerala, bungee jumping in Karanataka, water sports in Goa, paragliding in Maharashtra and rock climbing in Madhya Pradesh, there is so much we can do and experience in India.

The reason there are a lot of tourists coming to India is because we have a lot to offer in terms of physical rehabilitation and detox. Mostly young people travel and backpack through India because of it’s rich culture and as it serves as an ideal retreat for those who are willing to break a sweat, or to indulge themselves in fun, outdoor activities.

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