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Chadar Trek

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The first phase of your journey

The journey starts in Leh, the beautiful mountain town in Ladakh. The only way to reach Leh during winters is by flight and it is surrounded by snow giving it a surreal look. As you fly into Leh, which is located at 11400 feet above sea level, you will see ranges of snow-capped mountains all around you.  Enjoy the view and follow the travel advisory given to you.

The trek is over Zanskar River which lies frozen during the winter. The most preferred time to cross the ice would be between mid January to mid February. During that time, the ice tends to be at its most stable state. The frozen river trek begins from the small village of Chilling from where the Zanskar River begins to freeze.

Across the Chadar

The ice can be both, dangerous as it can be safe. The safe paths will be identified over the precarious sheet and you will always be guided of the ice conditions below the feet. Our trekkers can choose to camp in the caves along the banks like the locals or set up tents where the ice is the most stable. The temperatures will be close to twenty degrees below freezing point (- 20 degrees) and decreases further after sunset. Warm and layered clothing is recommended as you will be on the move most of the time. Layering helps invariably in keeping the body warm and prevent cold sores and also keep the blood from freezing.

Tour Overview

Day 1

Fly to Leh

Altitude 11,400 ft. Stay in hotel. Acclimatise. Keep your woollens, cap and gloves handy.
Day 2

Drive to Tilad Do via Chilling

11,400 to 10,390 ft. Continue acclimatisation for half a day more and depart from Leh after early lunch. Drive 65 kms. Pitch & stay in tent. Return for breakfast at the hotel. Spend the day at leisure enjoying the facilities of the resort/hotel. After lunch get ready for another thrilling game drive. Afternoon jeep safari into the Bandhavgarh National Park / game drive
Day 3

Tilad Do to Shingra Koma

10,390 to 10,550 ft. Trek 10 kms. Pitch & stay in tent. Return for breakfast at the resort/hotel. Thereafter check out and depart for your onward destination.
Day 4

Shingra Koma to Tibb Cave

10,550 to 10,760 ft. Trek 15 kms. Pitch & stay in tent.
Day 5

Tibb cave to Naerak camp

10,760 to 11,150 ft. Trek 12.5 kms. Pitch & stay in tent.
Day 6

Naerak to Tibb Cave

11,150 to 10,760 ft. Trek 12.5 kms. Pitch & stay in tent.
Day 7

Tibb Cave to Shingra Koma

10,760 to 10,550 ft. Trek 15 kms.
Day 8

Shingra Koma to Tilad Do and drive to Leh

10,550 to 10,390 and drive to 11400 ft. Trek 10 kms. Drive 65 kms back to Leh. Stay in hotel.
Day 9

Rest and Relaxation day

Rest & relaxation day. We prefer to keep one day buffer to cater for weather change, physical condition of our trekkers, flight disruptions.
Day 10

Departure from Leh

Departure from Leh , Here the Trip ends after a rest day

Precautions are always better

It is always recommended to consider several factors to ensure a safe journey. Most of these factors involve the conditions of the ice and the footing choices of the trekker. The precautions include:

  • Always follow your guide’s instructions. He/she will know the terrain better than you.
  • The trekker must become aware of the ice sheet conditions.
  • Places with a coating of snow are best places to walk normally.
  • Slippery ice can be found in several parts of the trekking area and should be walked on with utmost care.
  • Cracks may suddenly appear under your feet as you walk, and it is required to move/run to more solid footing quickly & immediately.
  • Believe us when we say, ice is not a trekker’s friend and one should always respect it and be aware of the conditions throughout your trek, especially while choosing the camping spots

Gear and Trekking Info

Please bring your trekking gear from home as there aren’t many places available in Leh during the winter where supplies can be bought. Food that can be preserved and made quickly such as instant noodles is an excellent addition. Carry enough stock of snacks like nuts, biscuits, chikkis as you will be walking for the better part of the day in order to keep the journey in momentum. Ice picks, trekking boots, several layers of extra warm clothing are a compulsion in such conditions. Our porters will carry tents for you to pitch and stay at nights. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

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