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Success in the digital era will come from the connected and collaborative efforts of business ecosystems more than from the controlled efforts of individual companies. To stay competitive and relevant, companies need to transform their relationships with their various partners and providers to become highly functional ecosystems. Building an ecosystem doesn't just happen. It takes understanding, intentionality, and patience.
Go Magic Trails helps you build an ecosystem overview to reveal new opportunities that emerge from working in a connected system rather than as an independent operator. Our Service & Operational Quality Processes encourage you to think big, yet, take baby steps to achieve your business goals.


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5 Days 4 Nights

South Africa is considered one of the best road trip destinations in the world and it is not difficult to see why. From the sunny small towns of the Western Cape and dusty outback of the Northern Cape, to the mystical boondocks of Mpumalanga, roads are the lifeline of the country.

7 Nights & 8 Days

Ladakh is a region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir that currently extends from the Kunlun mountain range to the main Great Himalayas to the south, inhabited by people of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent “Region of mountain passes, a piece of broken moon land "

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Sundar Raman



“This is the best tour we had in our lifetime which I can say after touring almost all parts of India barring North East . You guys did a fantastic job in making a hassle free arrangements and added some surprises in the package.

The evening with the Defence personals at their camp was so touching that we lost time while we were there hearing to their awesome adventures. Now we have made up our mind to see the spectacular North East through you which is Go Magic Trails.”


Vetri Vendhan

Tamil Nadu


“Our astrophotography trip was very fruitful – We got what we wanted! (That’s a big ask in this field). This being my first time, getting a holiday planned through an operator, it changed my perception. Gone are those days of “tour operators”, as ours was more like an “adventure planner”, totally customised to suit out priorities. Ready to take us through some of the darkest spots in the word, any time of the night, without a sign of hesitance, was absolutely amazing. Every other aspect of the trip was taken care of, more than adequately. My wishes to Uma and team to feed many more souls, hungry for such unique adventure in their path ahead.”




Understanding India’s Travel Behaviour
A few months ago, when the world was a little less chaotic and one was bustling with their travel plans, we at Go Magic Trails decided to run a survey to know what exactly we Indians expect and think before we go ahead with any travel plans? Take a look at the responses we received
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The Most Popular Indian Food in the World
  The Indian cuisine needs no introduction whatsoever especially after having gained a spot on the “Most Wanted” and the “Tastiest” list of cuisines around the world. One of the most fascinating things about India is that there is a change in not just the type of food cooked, but the culture, language, and traditions
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The dish for the Kings – Gushtaba
Kashmir, which is rightly called as “Paradise on Earth” has been endowed with the most implausible beauty. Surrounded by exquisite mighty mountains, the valleys of Kashmir echoe nature, beauty and a certain level of mysticism which seem to overshadow its authentic cuisine that has evolved through many generations but hasn’t failed to retain the original
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