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So are you tired from the usual routine and want to take a break and be with your family or are you a large group of friends looking for the most amazing night-out? Then hiking and camping is the best option for a recreational outdoor activity. Camping is very essential to teach you survival instinct. But what if you are caught in a dangerous situation? Then you would definitely need your backpack that is filled with the entire essential. I would ask you to first consult hikers and avoid unnecessary gear as it can increase your burden in the trip into the forest.




1. Tents- Tents should be compact, waterproof and frame-less so as to help you travel light. Tents that come with a mosquito net are optional but prove to be bliss for you.

2. Sleeping bag- Use the right kind according to the climate. Always use a sleeping mat as well to protect yourself from the harsh cold ground.

3. Proper clothing- Use clothes that is light and quick. Keep extra towels, jackets and other clothes.

4. Water Purifying- You probably cannot carry a lot of clean water along with you so carry water purifying tablets which will make your work a lot easier. You can also carry small filters.

5. Solar charger- Keep all your gadgets charged using a solar charger.

6. First-aid kit- Keep a first-aid ready for any type of emergency. Cold compress pack, bandages, sterile wipes, dressing, adhesive tape, antiseptic cream/wash, plasters, painkillers and keep medicines that your doctor has prescribed.

7. Personal care items- Sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns and also insect repellent creams. Pack up your essentials and also a heat powder.


1. Binoculars- During your hiking trips you can also get to see some birds flying around or animals at a distance. Always keep your binoculars ready so that you can get a proper view and enjoy your hiking trip.

2. Water bottle- To keep hydrated during the hiking trip keep a few water bottles ready.

3. GPS- Your smartphone may have an in-built GPS system but due to low battery life it wouldn’t be suitable for your hiking trip. Use a proper handheld GPS unit.

4. Trekking Poles- It is not really necessary but people who have a bad knee can use this.

5. Essentials- Keep extra clothes, your headlamp, knife, heat packs, lighter, torch and your first-aid kit in your pack.

So still thinking of something fun to do with your friends? What are you waiting for? Call up your best buddies and tell them about your amazing plans. Build a bonfire, sing favorite songs and dance to the soft music. Life is about learning, exploring and living it to the fullest. Pack your bag and whoopee you are ready to have the time of your life!